Family Fun for Everyone!

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

To many, family is everything. We want the best for them, and often we put their needs in front of our own. It’s what families do!

When it comes to health, there’s usually a disparity among family members. Some might be in ideal shape, full of vitality, while others might be in poor health, lacking energy. This can cause a barrier to making family activities fun for everyone.

The best family fit activity is walking. Movement is always good, so a mild walk may be a warmup for the athletes, while those who have less endurance are still getting the benefit of fresh air, cardio and good conversation.

Recently, my sister visited my wife and me. She has a job as an audiologist and often works 10 to 12 hours a day. She comes home exhausted and lives a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. A formal exercise regimen is not part of her daily life.

With that in mind, we planned a low impact hike at Bell Rock in Sedona. We walked a few miles, took photos together, capturing the moment with the breathtaking backdrop of the Red Rocks. It was an amazing, active and fun day!

Another great family-fit activity is swimming. Being in the water together is wonderful. Sunshine, cool, refreshing water and movement are some of the things most of us enjoy. Some may want to do laps and others just want to lounge. BUT it’s nice to be together.

Another family favorite is golf. My two adult sons and I usually include golf in our plans when we get together. The same with my brother. In fact, he came for a four-day golf excursion at Tubac Golf Resort, down near Tucson, playing 27 holes of golf each day. It was a real bonding experience.

For young families, it’s essential to bring fun and fit activities into your family lifestyle. Many families love to bike together. Others love to visit parks and hike as a fun family excursion.

Tips for fit family fun

  • Focus on the experience, not the result.
  • Find a happy medium.
  • Make everything fun and upbeat.
  • Cherish the time together.

A family that moves together, usually stays together. Look for ways to encourage fun and fit activities into your family life. It’s healthy for your family in more ways than one!