Experience the Benefits of Cooling Foods

Summer is a time of freedom. A time when we shed our layers, bare our skin and take off on adventures near or far.

But with that freedom, we often forget to take care of ourselves — taking time to hydrate accordingly, feed our body the right amount of nutrition, and even exercise our bodies.

Here are a few of my favorite tips for staying in tune with our bodies and wellness during the summer months:

Drink up!

I won’t be the first, but I’m definitely not going to be the last, to tell you hydration is essential, especially when it is hot outside. Our body is working in overdrive to regulate itself, and this means we are perspiring (or as I like to say, glowing) more than usual.

While your instinct may be to grab a big glass of ice water, remember that room temperature water is actually best. Our body temperatures range from 97 F to 99 F so when we shock our system with an icy beverage, it is more work for our bodies to process and absorb.

If you find it hard to drink room temp water, try my personal favorite — juicing ginger and lemon and freezing in an ice cube tray. Pop one or two cubes into your water and you are hydrating, alkalizing and boosting your metabolism all in one swoop.

Consume Watery, Cooling Whole Foods

You know what I’m talking about — cucumbers, celery, carrots, things that go crunch when you’re biting into them and burst with water. Find the simplicity and satisfaction of slurping real chunks of watermelon, pineapple and strawberries.

Did you know that eating cooling foods can clear heat and toxins, cooling and calming the body? They also help curb sugary cravings that arise when we are lacking what our body is craving — whole foods! Eat up!

Be Mindful

When exercising during the summer months, adjust your workouts and avoid exercising outside in the heat of the day.

A great way to do this is to follow the sun patterns. Wake up early and beat the heat or go for a long stroll after dinner — your digestive system will thank you!

If you find it hard to adjust your schedule, try out one of the amazing studios Prescott has to offer for a new fitness experience.