Easy Honey Glazed Salmon

This tender salmon not only is tasty, but so good for you with its healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Glazed with honey and soy sauce and pan seared, it has a lovely browned crust with a sweet touch. Serve it over a bed of mixed greens or arugula for an elegant and quick weeknight meal.

  • 1 lb Fresh salmon, divided into 4 filets
  • ½ tsp Salt and pepper, each
  • ½ cup Honey
  • 3 tbs Soy sauce
  • 2 tbs Olive oil
  • 1 med Lemon, juiced
  • 6 cups Arugula or mixed greens

1. Thoroughly wash arugula and allow to air dry, set aside.

2. Prepare glaze by mixing honey and soy sauce.

3. Pat salmon dry, then season with salt and pepper. Brush glaze evenly over filets.

4. Heat olive oil in a large nonstick pan to medium heat. Place fish skin side down in the pan. Cook about 3 minutes or until the skin no longer sticks. Glaze the top, then flip. Cook another 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness. Keep an eye on the temperature so you don’t burn the honey.

5. Remove the fish from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes.

6. Separate arugula into four bowls evenly, then place the fish on top. Drizzle the salmon and greens with lemon juice and serve.

Serves 4 | Prep Time 15 mins