Easy Fixes to Keep Pets, Home Clean

We all know keeping your home clean is important to the health of everyone who lives there. 

But having pets can run counter to this goal, even as they contribute to family health through companionship, lowered risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, added exercise and other things that benefit us all. 

Fortunately, pet owners have come up with quite a few shortcuts to make it easier to maintain a clean home for human and animal family members alike. It’s turned into a science for many pet owners. 

Pet hair pickup — If you don’t have a lint roller or brush on hand (and these aren’t always the greatest tools anyway) there are many other implements that work, depending on the surface you’re working with: dryer sheets, rubber gloves, packing tape on almost anything, window squeegees and rubber brooms on the floor and more. 

Baby wipes keep your drain clear — Bathing your dog is a simple way to keep the cleanliness quotient up in your house, but there’s always the hazard of clogged drains. But the solution can be surprisingly simple — put a baby wipe under the stopper for your tub before putting it in the drain. After bath time is over, put your hands around the baby wipe and slowly drain the tub, catching the fine hairs that would otherwise slither down the drain. 

Box in the box — Put a barrier between the litter box and any dogs who love to wallow in the sand and filth by putting a barrier around it, elevate it or use a covered litter box with a secure top to deter any canine incursions. You could even put a doggie sandbox in the backyard so they can get in their digs in a more convenient place. 

Baking soda cleans up pet urine — Along with its myriad other uses, baking soda effectively cleans up pet urine when it’s caught quickly. Just sprinkle it over the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and vacuum it up to take care of the stain and the odor!

Abbey  |  Photo: Blushing Cactus Photography