Ear Seeds May be your Acupressure Method

If acupuncture sounds great, but you just can’t face the needles, there may be an alternative. Ear seeds are tiny seeds or beads that are placed on your ears on acupressure points.

These are tiny, usually the size of a sea salt grain. Traditionally, the practice uses seeds from the Vaccaria plant. Ear seeds these days are Vaccaria seeds, beads, magnets, stainless steel, ceramic and more. Some even incorporate Swarovski crystals.

Each seed or bead has a sticker on one side so you can stick the seed to pressure points. Some seeds can be covered with tape to keep them secure. A form of acupressure, people use them to help many areas including pain, insomnia, substance abuse, anxiety, stress and grief.

They can be applied professionally, or you can buy a DIY set.

One advantage of using a professional is their knowledge of pressure points. They also are more likely to place them in the correct spot. Most kits come with tools and instructions, as well as a map of the pressure points.

Many people use more than one at a time, even several, to address different concerns. For instance, you could use a combination of insomnia and relaxation sites.

Once placed, to get the most out of ear seeds you need to gently massage or rub them three to five times a day for one to three minutes. Using light pressure will stimulate that point.

The seeds will last about three to five days and will most likely fall off on their own. It’s not recommended to keep them on much longer.

The good news is there are very few side effects aside from possible skin irritation. Even if you put it in the wrong place, you just won’t reap the benefit you were looking for. It’s worth a try, and no needles.