Cycle Your Way Through the Day

Autumn is arguably the most beautiful of the four seasons we have in Prescott, making it an ideal time to consider riding your bike to commute to work, shopping or on other excursions. 

Biking through traffic in the brisk air is often faster than being stuck behind all the cars on the road. It’s light-years more sustainable and helps protect our beloved outdoor environment for decades and generations to come. 

Bicycling is hard to top, even before you realize it can meet many of your exercise needs for the week, and is one of the best workouts you can get anywhere, anytime! 

Burns calories — Bicycling burns about 50% more calories than walking, though the exact amount varies with your gender, weight and intensity. Most riders burn somewhere between 400 and 700 calories per hour. Running does burn more calories, but most people can bike longer than they can run, so it puts you ahead in the long run. 

Builds muscle — The resistance you get from biking up our hills and against our winds provides the resistance you need to build your lean muscle mass, which is why all those pros look so ripped all the time. 

Protects joints — Biking takes a huge load off your ankles and knees, unlike most cardio activities, and you’re still building up the muscles around them. Anyone who’s experienced joint problems or wants to avoid them should consider incorporating cycling into their workout regimen.

Reduces stress — Any form of exercise releases endorphins, and exercising outside brings serotonin into the mix. Together, they’re great at keeping stress hormones in check, which benefits your overall health in so many ways. 

Improves posture — Riding a bike requires a fair bit of balance. Strengthening your upper body muscles can lead to better posture, which reduces stress and strain on your spine and prevents back pain from developing. 

Photo: Blushing Cactus Photography