Crazy Big Goals May Suit You Best

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

I looked back on my goals for 2021. I couldn’t find them! Yikes, what was the purpose of making goals then? I did find my goals for 2019. Of the 12 goals I set, I completed five. I didn’t set a completion date so it didn’t matter that I finished them in 2021!

There are two ways to set goals: SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) or Crazy Big. I’ve done both!

I want to talk about the Crazy Big Goals! This is a fun way to think about and set goals. First, sit down with a piece of paper and a timer. Give yourself 30 minutes. Start your timer and begin putting down on paper everything you desire — weight loss, better nutrition, the ability to help a family member financially, purchase a business. It doesn’t matter! Keep writing!

With that list in front of you, take a moment and look at it. If any more ideas come to you, add them.

Now, prioritize; most important to least. Look at the top 10 things and determine if an item is really something that you want and that it speaks to your heart. If it doesn’t line through it.

Looking at your list, are the items in different areas of your life? Are some health and others family? If so, leave them on the list. If they are about one area of your life, group them together and see if they overlap and are just worded differently.

Lastly, take the top five items and list all the things you can do, today, to further that goal.

Let’s say it was health related: Today you can look for a coach. Determine a time frame to completing the goal. Now go for it!

These goals should be out there! Something that really stretches you. Keep the list where you can see it daily so you are focused and working toward its completion!

Break it down to steps that drive you forward. If you don’t reach it by the time you set, you are definitely much farther along than you would have been had you not listed it with the steps needed for completion.

Using either of these methods will help you to move a goal closer to completion. Keep your important goal in front of you. You will definitely be closer to a new you in 2022!