Cozy Cardio Could be your Fitness Win-Win

It sounds too good to be true — work out in your PJs while binge watching your favorite shows. Could this be a thing?

But the new at-home fitness trend of “cozy cardio” is all about just that. The trend, started on TikTok, is a relaxed workout intended to make physical activity more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Videos show workouts with candlelight, binging a TV show and wearing a robe, fuzzy socks and slippers. Workouts are done at a comfortable pace on a treadmill in most cases.

These videos have gotten more than 2 million views. The trend is meant to create a relaxing ritual around a workout and make it less intimidating while practicing self-care.

But before you throw away that gym membership, understand that you also need to challenge yourself to improve your fitness and health.

Let’s break it down.

Cozy cardio involves low-impact exercise done at home with a self-care twist. You can work out wearing comfortable clothes and a soothing face mask while walking on the treadmill.

The trend is not about the type of exercise; it’s about making time for yourself and connecting with your body.

Walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike aren’t unique, but cozy cardio promotes exercise as something enjoyable instead of a chore. And exercising at home is always a good way to start.

The key to making this trend work lies in finding a balance between comfort and effort. You want a full exercise routine that challenges your body, cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Cozy cardio is apt to lose effectiveness as fitness levels plateau, so don’t get caught into thinking that a light exercise session daily is enough.

In fact, a study in 2022 found a lower risk of death for those who exercised at least 150 minutes each week than those who didn’t. The risks were even lower for those who exercised longer and at a higher intensity.

If your goal is to add exercise every day then cozy cardio may be just what you need. For noteworthy improvements in strength or fitness however, a little exertion is necessary.

As long as you challenge yourself, you will see improvements. And fitting some cozy cardio into your workout adds a bit of self-care on top of exercise. That’s a win-win.