Consider These Natural Pain Relievers

by Blayne Soriano, Level 2 CrossFit Coach and CrossFit Kids Coach

Everyone has dealt with some type of pain, external or internal. I always advise seeing a professional for pain diagnosis and pain management.

I can, though, give you some natural alternatives to try.

For example, in the mornings when you wake up if you are feeling stiff, muscle tightness or joint pain, try stretching, doing light yoga moves to get blood flow moving in your body.

Manage unhealthy inflammation in the body that can cause or worsen pain by lowering or cutting out your processed sugar intake.

If you are suppressing emotional pain, try getting out into the sun for a walk — just looking a photos of forests has been shown to reduce stress — or journal your thoughts, including some things you are grateful for each day.

Adding yoga, tai chi, meditation or other relaxation methods into your daily life can be effective pain relievers. As can mindfulness and meditation, which emphasize focusing on your breathing.

I believe there are many ways to manage pain, but taking a holistic approach before other options to see if that helps is always the best way.