CBD: What to Ask and When to Walk Away

by Robin Riesberg-Couch, Owner, Your CBD Store

In the rapidly evolving CBD market, the consumer may not always know what to look for or what questions to ask when purchasing CBD. There are some very reputable, high quality products and companies out there. Unfortunately, there are also the opposite — low-quality products and questionable practices. 

The following are some of the things you should look for and/or ask about prior to purchasing CBD from anyone:

  1. Is the product third-party tested?
    The product you are purchasing should always have gone through vigorous testing by a third-party (outsourced) lab. This ensures that the products you are considering actually contain (or in some cases do not contain — such as THC) the ingredients and amount of CBD printed on the label.
  2. Are the lab reports you are looking at updated/current lab reports?
    Can they be accessed by scanning a QR code with your phone or are they available online? Lab reports should always be dated and should have been performed on the batch of product you are actually considering for purchase. Some companies may have their products tested only once, and that report you are looking at could be months or even years old.
  3. Where does the product come from — where are the farms? 
    It is especially important to know where the farms are located. If they are outside of the U.S., those farms may or may not be fully compliant with our laws and regulations for harvesting CBD.
  4. Who does the product processing?
    A harvest can be touched by many hands prior to becoming the product you see on the shelves. You want to know how it went from being a plant to being the product you are about to purchase. Again — is the entire process being done in the U.S.? 
  5. How Is the product processed?
    There are several different ways to process CBD. It is best to do your research and decide which process is the one you prefer. CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction is the most widely used and many say is the best method for extracting CBD. 

If a company or retailer cannot or just flat out will not answer any of these five basic questions, it is best to just walk away. Find yourself a company or retailer that is reputable, transparent and willing to freely give you this information.