Build Tradition & Hearts at Home with Family Fun

The arrival of Thanksgiving heralds the beginning of the holiday season and its extra-large doses of family time with kids on break from school and relatives convening for annual celebrations. It’s the perfect time to create new routines and traditions by bringing new home activities into the mix. 

Try incorporating these healthy pastimes, which don’t require much in the way of extra trappings, into your family rotation:

    Just have everyone roll around on the floor. It’s a surprisingly excellent way for young children to build strength and coordination, and everyone else gets to feel like a little kid again!
    Have the kids zoom (not Zoom) around the house wearing “race cars” made from cardboard or fabric over their shoulders. Have them decorate exactly how they want, then let them rip, burning off energy and building their heart and lung capacity.
    It’s as simple as playing music to get everyone moving, then hitting pause and forcing everyone to stop in mid-dance, legs and arms aloft. This one is a blast for all ages and incorporates balance into the physical activity.
    It’s probably getting a little nippy for the real thing, so set up a tent (anything from a child’s teepee to a sheet to a full-on tent) in the biggest room you have. Serve healthy snacks and whet everyone’s appetite for all kinds of outdoor recreation. 
    Set up a bowling alley in your yard, driveway or hallway by stacking some aluminum cans up at one end. The only other thing you need is a heavy-ish ball, and your kids can work on their coordination and improve their spatial perception, along with their stacking skills! 
    Draw a 12×12-foot court, divided into four inner squares in your driveway, or even in the grass or dirt if you want to throw some wild bounces in. The first player serves the ball into another square; players keep the ball in play by bouncing it in another square. Play continues until someone misses the ball or hits it out of bounds. This works best with four players but is easily adjustable.