Broaden Your Arsenal for Greater Safety

by Scott Shephard, Founder, Fundamental Martial Arts

Men’s health is the focus this edition of Prescott Healthy Living magazine. Stress and worry are contributors to men’s poor heart health and general lack of wellness. The largest part of a man’s daily concerns is the welfare and safety of his family.

Many of us carry firearms for the protection of our family. I personally believe we should be prepared equal to any potential threat. I caution you, however, simply having a gun on you or nearby does not ensure your family’s safety.

Here’s why. A genuine threat within reach of you would likely happen very fast and include some sort of physical collision. No question a gun is outstanding for family defense if pulled and pointed directly on a vital target of the life and death threat, but if you are attacked at close range it may be difficult to draw and accurately shoot that firearm.

It is prudent to consider developing hands-on skills to buy yourself time to deflect the assault, to step away and pull your piece. 

I have no doubt, you’d die to defend your family. However, you can protect them better if you stay alive. So, how is your skill level if needed to go hands on to create the opportunity to reach your weapon? Are you as prepared as you can be? 

Like learning a musical instrument or a foreign language, to be proficient at fighting takes time. If you do see the logic in this, and personal and family protection is your goal, seek out a school focused on practical skill development.

You’ll need supervised practice until your reactive responses are free from liabilities and well honed. I recommend you choose a school that emphasizes adult content, is not overly optimistic and trains for determined attackers. 

You might also consider training for your loved ones in case you’re not around. If you are not yet a family man, you’ll want to be well prepared before an actual engagement takes place. 

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