Boxing Back to Happiness

by Coach Jarek Slagowski, Owner & Head Coach, Grind Boxing Gym

When my boxers lose their focus, I remind them here are good and bad days in life. Even on good days, stress from everyday pressures will block their training. To regain their focus, they must leave every worry outside the gym so all they know is boxing.

When a boxer shifts back to full focus on boxing, I can see their joy return along with their ability to move and react.

Finding focus on physical activity can help anyone struggling with stress. Constant stress leads to serious health problems so we need to find ways to release the pressure. A good, focused workout helps bring your body and mind to balance.

In particular, a boxing workout, in my opinion, is the best way of dealing with everyday stress because boxing is about confronting what stands in our way.

When it comes to boxing, everybody thinks about two people hitting each other in the head. But this is only the competition side of the sport. Boxing workouts can be very diversified and interesting when done the proper way. You don’t have to engage in contact drills or competition to enjoy the benefits of boxing training.

In addition to outdoor training like jogging or running sprints, a good workout at the boxing gym relieves mental stress because it requires focus. Boxing is a combat sport so the boxer with the best focus will move and react first.

Once you enter the gym nothing else is important, only your workout. You can forget about everything and focus on drills. A boxing workout usually starts with jumping rope, stretching, and shadowboxing before moving into what we call battle stations: punching different types of heavy bags, double-end bags, accuracy balls, speed bags and mannequins.

One of the best drills for no-contact boxing training is target mitts (focus pads) with the coach or your training partner. These are the closest to sparring drills.

Combat sports workouts, especially boxing, require you to forget about everyday problems and allow your mind to rest and recover. Simply moving and reacting to what is in front of you at the moment is a great feeling. So set aside all your everyday pressures and take the time to box your way back to happiness.