Becoming Organic Means Honoring Gaia and Yourself

by Carl Johns, LMT, Mountain Medicine Integrative Wellness Center

Organic: Developing in a manner analogous to the natural growth and evolution characteristic of living organisms; arising as a natural outgrowth.

Alan Watts once said “as an apple tree apples, so the Earth peoples.” We are a natural outgrowth of the Earth. One might argue that everything we create is a natural outgrowth also, but I believe there is a dividing line between human-made technology (tools, buildings, cars, planes, iPhones, etc.) and organic living organisms.

The Gaia hypothesis (detailed in James Lovelock’s 1979 book, Gaia, A New Look at Life on Earth) sees Earth as a living organism in which we are a small part of the interconnected web of life. There seems to be a growing conflict between the technological and the organic, and it would be a huge survival benefit right now — rather than associating ourselves with inorganic technology — to start becoming more organic.

That is, we need to realize we are truly an inseparable part of the magnificent whole of nature, that we are organic, and that our healthy choices will align with the organic.

First is mindset. We are a natural outgrowth of Gaia, and our primary purpose is to interact with, and to deeply care for each other, for all life, for our environment, for our home.

Then there is nourishment. Life feeds on life — whether plant or animal — with reverence and respect. Life does not feed on synthetic chemicals or factory manufactured products. These are unhealthy choices for ourselves and for Gaia.

And lastly, from a massage therapist’s perspective, life thrives on touch. Life rubs up against life everywhere you look — an ocean wave caressing the beach, the wind rustling the trees, bear cubs playing, a mother nurturing a child, couples holding hands.

Touch is our most powerful tool for connecting with the world around us — with Gaia. Our touching hands know the difference between touching inorganic objects and the organic outgrowth on nature.

So make the healthy choice — cultivate an organic mindset, nourish yourself organically, and touch the living organic Earth that is all around you in all of its forms. Instead of becoming more technological, keep becoming organic, and healing Gaia.