Be Wary, Be Thoughtful When Choosing Food

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

Our food supply is not what it once was!

The second you remove food from a plant, the nutritional value starts to diminish. Today, when we buy food in the grocery store, we have no idea how long it took to get there or whether the temperature was appropriate for the entire trip, which often travels over many days and many miles by large truck — and even sometimes on large container ships.

We need the minerals and vitamins in our produce to provide nutrients vital to our cells. Without those nutrients it’s impossible to stay well. So many things being done to our food destroys nutrients even further.

Our soils are not what they were years ago, and the chemicals used to produce maximum crop size often are problematic.

It’s a real battle to stay healthy today. Buying organic, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and pasture-raised foods gives you a big advantage, as they will start out with a higher nutritional profile.

Just exactly which nutrients are left by the time they get to our table is unknown, but we do know it is dramatically reduced by 50% or more. Today we need to do everything we can to stay ahead of all that is stealing our health.

I love local farms and farmers markets! We need more of them. When you buy local, you know the food will be a lot fresher. There are great sources in our area to get food that is fresh and grown without toxic chemicals.