Be Aware of your Wellness

by Malia Hirasa, Volunteer, The Launch Pad Teen Center

To be aware is to be cognizant, well-informed or concerned. Through awareness, one can develop deeper understanding.

In today’s society we must be aware socially, economically, spiritually and globally. It’s true that awareness is a powerful tool, and within that, self-awareness may be most important of all.

Self-awareness doesn’t happen automatically. It happens by consciously choosing to evaluate yourself and your choices.

If you want to know more about a current event, you find news articles from different sources, spend time reading them and sort through the information in the articles. It turns out, learning about yourself is no different.

You have to spend time getting to know yourself, your motivations, your actions and your limits. This is important because everyone is different and handles day-to-day situations differently. In this case, the information you have gathered is what has an impact on your mental health, both negatively and positively.

I have recognized social media was something that impacted my mental health negatively. For teenagers today, social media has come under immense scrutiny for the impact it has on our lives. It not only gives us a false sense of reality that can impact self-image, but it also takes up a measurable amount of our day.

I feel it’s much more detrimental to our overall health than we realize. For this reason, when I have a big test to study for or my school and extracurriculars are pulling me in too many different directions, I will delete social media to eliminate its distraction.

Part of using social media is recognizing the negative side effects it might have and taking action to protect yourself. The best thing we can do for our mental health is to recognize this influence, assess our state of mind and occasionally take a step back.

It is certainly daunting to balance everything in your life. For me that’s family, friends, school, extracurriculars, sports and most importantly, my overall health. If I want to remain healthy and happy, this can only happen through self-awareness and prioritizing myself.

Choosing awareness is also choosing to live with the best version of yourself. So I urge you, be well and be aware.