Angela Garrotto – Q&A

Angela Garrotto, Owner, Earth and Herbs

HOW DO YOU DEFINE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? For me, healthy living is embodying a well-balanced schedule. Eight hours of sleep, mostly organic diet, and exercise! It’s all about being at top performance, which is actually all about the manifesting. Maintaining healthy friendships, being of service to humanity, “doing the work” (aka trauma therapy as needed), I keep a goal and prayer journal, and above all work hard play hard! 

HOW DID YOU COME TO PRACTICE IN YOUR CAREER FIELD? My sobriety journey began in 2004, which led me to a way of life demanding wellness or regress back into sickness. After 16 years of practicing a spiritual program, I began to pray to use my gifts to help others, I became reiki certified, yoga certified and learned transcendental meditation. I am now the proud owner of a wellness center where I get to practice energy healing and instruct/ facilitate yoga classes! 

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST HEALTH AND WELLNESS TIPS? Be part of the 5 a.m. club (or for me 6)! Wake up. Study. Meditate. Journal. Connect to the higher self, set intention for harmonious flow before the day begins and subsequently crooked paths are made straight. It is my greatest desire to help others discover the untapped resources living inside the human soul!

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT GOAL IN YOUR HEALTH, WELLNESS JOURNEY? The biggest accomplishment for me has been writing my own narrative and living in higher truth. Ultimate next level is continuing expanding in consciousness. I pray to be of service as humanity ascends through these trying times. My next goal is to host reiki certification retreats here in Prescott, as well as beautiful locations all over the country! As always, though, let’s see what the universe holds in store!