Amidst Chaos, We All Deserve to Thrive

by Caterina Vaticano, Owner, Happy Life Snacks

Flourishing is our given birthright. That’s right, we all deserve to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Having managed more personal development conferences than I can count, I can honestly tell you that people from all walks of life are plagued with self-worth wounds, feeling as if they ultimately don’t deserve to truly be happy and thrive.

We also find ourselves in extremely challenging times and we unconsciously absorb a lot of the stress, fear mongering, pain, opinions and negativity thrown at us from every angle. It’s quite a lot to manage, yet the encouraging news is that we can get a grip on one key thing, ourselves and the choices we make amid what seems to be uncertainty and chaos.

Here are some tips to ponder if flourishing and well-being are what you desire:

  1. Start censoring and limiting what you’re watching on television, social media and even the news.

You’ll be surprised on how much better you’ll feel over time if you choose to replace dark programming with something uplifting. Just do it.

2. Make better choices around what you’re eating and drinking. It’s scientifically proven that food has a huge impact on our mood and clarity. Beware of fad diets, they are an “industry” laden with false hope and promise for a better life.

Instead, trust your body and instincts. What makes you feel energized, clear and light? Pay attention and you’ll see patterns. Don’t quit indulging on your favorite foods either, that’s not practical nor is it sustainable. It’s about learning to play a game of balance. Choose wisely more often than not.

Prioritize yourself with the strength and the love you deserve, and judging is not allowed.

3. Eliminate toxic relationships from your life; the blood sucking leeches and chaos junkies. Make a list of the people in your world that uplift you and spend more time with them.

If you don’t have anybody like that now, challenge yourself to be more like that person you want to befriend. You’ll be surprised that you’ll start attracting more of that into your world over time.

This list is not a cure all, but a start to advocating for ourselves and to go after what we deserve — wellness and fulfillment. Happy New Year, and may we all flourish.