AHHHHH the Great Outdoors in Prescott!

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

From my own personal experience, nothing is better than enjoying the amazing outdoors here in Prescott. From hiking Thumb Butte to canoeing in Watson or Goldwater lakes, the options are vast and plentiful — great exercise and a way to greet and meet neighbors and visitors to our great city.

Or maybe you just want to sit and enjoy the beautiful views from so many different vantage points throughout Prescott. How about a family picnic in one of our many parks?

My wife and daughter regularly hike Thumb Butte. They love it! In fact, they hiked over 250 times in the last year. It’s a wonderful way for them spend to time together and a tough physical challenge as well. (Especially if you take the hard side.) It’s a great example on how we can mix exercise and quality family time rolled up into one. It truly is a bonding experience for them.

The Willow Lake Trail around the Granite Dells is scenic and great for hiking, biking or running. I enjoy hiking the full loop that goes all the way out to the Heritage Park Zoo and back through The Dells. I also love hiking Constellation Trail and walking through the neighborhood in Prescott Lakes. Granite Mountain features a great hiking trail, too.

My daily outdoor activities are a morning swim and hot tub exercise session. The view of the Dells, with San Francisco Peaks in the background, is spectacular. It is almost surreal how beautiful the views are.

Many friends have an electric bike to scoot around the area. This helps deal with the hills and elevations that make traditional biking a challenge for some. For more organized outdoor activities, Prescott has great pickleball and tennis programs.

Some folks enjoy the outdoors to capture the scenic beauty of our area by painting and photographing all of nature’s breathtaking elegance. Or maybe you like to tend to your backyard garden. It’s all outdoors and part of summer fun in the sun.

Whatever you want to do outside, there are many options to consider here in Prescott. The spirit of outdoor adventure always peaks during the summer months. So get outside. Plan to do a new outdoor activity and explore the great outdoors. You’ll be glad you did.