Adults Modeling Healthy & Balanced Lifestyles Help Teens

by Courtney Lohmeier, Program Coordinator, The Launch Pad Teen Center

As a woman and an athlete, I am committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Working with teens at The Launch Pad has allowed me a unique opportunity to be more conscious of the behaviors, habits and overall image I project.

Leading by example is fundamental to the work we do at The Launch Pad. Giving teens the opportunity to make their own way and learn who they are is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs!

We love to have important conversations about food and exercise with our teens. Likewise, we are intentional about modeling healthy and balanced lifestyles. Balance is a big key when it comes to healthy living but can be hard to achieve — especially in adolescence.

My time spent exercising is extremely important to my physical and mental well-being. Whether it be a relaxing hike with friends or going to a CrossFit class, exercise is a crucial part of my daily routine.

Adventure education programming is very important to us at The Launch Pad and one of our favorite ways to get moving! Activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, making healthy snacks or going on backpacking trips are some of our favorite ways to be healthy and active with our teens.

These activities help to foster meaningful connections and important conversations about why active and balanced habits are so beneficial for all of us, no matter what they may look like on an individual basis.