Adam Rogers – Q&A

Adam Rogers, MS, LISAC, Owner, Shamrock Recovery Services

How do you define a healthy lifestyle?
To maintain a healthy lifestyle I go to the gym five mornings a week and try and eat a healthy diet at least 50% of the time. Getting enough sleep is also important to me.

How did you come to practice in your career field?
I have been interested in the field since I was 25 and in a treatment program myself and felt comfortable with the mental health and addiction field and set a goal to open my own program some day and have been able to do so successfully!

What type of exercise (weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, etc.) do you prefer; why?
I prefer to lift weights because I want to maintain the muscle tone I have, and it has been something I’ve done all my life. It is an integral part of my daily routine.

What does your exercise schedule look like on a typical day or week? How often do you exercise; for how long?
I typically get in the gym between 3 and 4:30 a.m., Monday-Friday and work out anywhere from one to two hours before going to the office.

What are your practices to keep yourself and your family healthy?
I like to spend time with my wife and kids and our grandchildren as often as possible by scheduling time for dinner, sporting events, and special occasions such as birthdays.

How do you define self-care and what is your go-to way of practicing it?
My definition of self-care is exercising, sleeping, and eating healthy and spending time with family.

What is your favorite healthy food/snack?
Interesting, don’t think about that much, I guess a Volcano Roll from Sushi Poke.

What is your biggest health/wellness tip?
Try and get at least three to five days of exercise a week, and eat right at least 50% of the time depending on your commitment level.

What is your next goal in your health/wellness journey?
We are conducting an exercise initiative at my company right now, my goal is to get down 15 pounds. Fingers crossed. Employee winner gets a week off and a weekend at a Phoenix resort.