A Month’s Worth of Gratitude

Keeping a gratitude journal has shown to increase positivity, improve self-esteem and sleep quality, and reduce stress in daily life.

Cultivating gratitude can help us distance ourselves from toxic emotions and the tendency to ruminate on negativity.

You don’t have to use prompts for your journal, but here are a few you can try if you’re just starting out or are looking for fresh ideas:

1. The greatest gift in my life right now

2. The best compliment I’ve ever received

3. My guilty pleasure

4. My favorite song

5. A challenge I’m grateful for

6. The three best days of my life

7. A family member I’m grateful for

8. Three ways to be a kinder person

9. My favorite room at home

10. Things from nature I’m grateful for

11. A moment when I realized how lucky I am

12. Three good things about someone I don’t get along with

13. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been

14. A friend I can always rely on

15. Every time I laughed in the last 24 hours

16. My favorite sensation

17. My favorite thing about being single/married

18. A weird family tradition I love

19. A time I acted with courage

20. Ten things I like about my job/retirement

21. Something I’ve been able to fix

22. Reasons I’m happy to be alive

23. My favorite qualities I see in my children

24. What I love most about my partner

25. My favorite charity to support

26. Someone who’s forgiven me after I made a mistake

27. Ten things I love about myself

28. A thank-you note I wish I’d written sooner

29. Ten of my favorite possessions

30. My favorite sports team and why I root for them