7 Easy Changes to Transform Your Life

1.Begin each day with positive expectation — When you wake up, do it with a sense of anticipation of all the things you will be able to accomplish, rather than dreading the tasks that must be done. It’s a tweak to your outlook that will yield huge dividends.

2.Be a picky eater — Don’t be afraid or apologetic about wanting to know the content and quality of the food you’re eating. Whether you have dietary restrictions or are just trying to eat healthfully, there’s a lot riding on what you consume.

3.Set achievable yet inspirational goals, and meet them — if you set goals too far out of reach they can be easy to dismiss when the going gets tough. Find out what inspires you and break your long-term aspirations down into incremental, achievable steps.

4.Stretch regularly— Schedule this in if you can’t remember on your own. Many experts recommend doing this at least three times a week, but working in one or two short sessions per day, especially if you spend most of it sitting at a desk, can produce more consistent flexibility results.

5.Stop comparing yourself to others — No two journeys are the same and you don’t fully know what anyone else has gone through to get where they are today. Doing this often leads to anxiety and unhappiness, so embrace who you and who everyone else is and set your own course.

6.Take a walk after meals — Numerous studies have found that taking a walk after eating a meal improves your blood sugar level and digestion and can help reduce blood pressure and promote weight loss. Doing as little as 2 to 3 minutes can make a difference, but shoot for 10 when you have the time.

7.Alternate cardio and weight training — Focusing too much on one or the other won’t allow you to develop a well-rounded physical health that enhances heart health, metabolism, muscle and bone strength, joint health, balance and mental health. Do three days of cardio and two of strength training, or the reverse .