3 YouTube HIITs, Plus a Dab of Yoga

Many people are working out at home these days. Some feel confident in what they’re doing and how to do it, but others may be looking for a little more guidance, especially for routine-based exercise like high intensity interval training (HIIT) or, on the other end of the spectrum, yoga. 

YouTube has countless workout options spread across its channels and the numbers are growing ever faster, but here are a few worthy of your consideration, depending on your experience and fitness level.


MadFit — This channel, with nearly 5 million subscribers, features a low-impact HIIT full-body workout that has no jumping and requires no equipment, although a mat would be a good idea, especially on a tile floor. The 22-minute session is comprised of 30-second intervals over a 10-minute span: 


— This channel is obviously a companion to the fitness tracker of the same name, and its many features includes this 34-minute HIIT workout for intermediate fitness buffs who have the endurance for a half-hour workout. You will need at least one set of dumbbells, preferably two, within the 5-15 lb. range to get the full benefit of this workout: 


— This workout requires the same two sets of dumbbells as the intermediate workout above, but has a considerably faster pace and a push to keep you working at and even past your peak as it powers through HIIT, cardio and resistance intervals. Instructor Alex tells you between jumping jacks that “this is meant to feel uncomfortable. This is meant to push you out of your comfort zone.”: 



Yoga with Adriene — This yoga channel comes highly rated in the blogosphere and has a catalog of classes for different experience levels and styles of yoga. Many are dedicated to states of mind (i.e. “Yoga for a Broken Heart”), some are downright silly (the alien-themed “Yoga for Inner Space”). But they’re all credible and high-quality and provide a nice contrast to HIIT’s intensity: