25 Ways to Spend a No-spend Weekend

1.Go to the library — walk if you can.

2.Use a free trial for a gym or class.

3.Play a trivia or card game.

4.Make a pizza at home.

5.Go geocaching.

6.Look for items around the house to donate.

7.Find a good online workout to try.

8.Take at least one hike.

9.Prep meals for the upcoming week.

10.Volunteer with a nonprofit.

11.Have a sleepover — no matter how old you are.

12.Go to a free concert.

13. Bake a healthy dessert from scratch.

14. Camp in the backyard (or living room).

15.Wash and clean your cars.

16.Walk a dog at the local animal shelter.

17.Facetime or Skype someone you haven’t seen in a while.

18.Visit a new place of worship.

19.Babysit for friends.

20. Rearrange your furniture.

21.Watch the sun rise and set.

22.Take a bicycle tour around the part of Greater Prescott you’re least familiar with.

23.Rake some leaves (it is fall, after all).

24.Build a pillow fort.

25.Make a budget for the upcoming month and set a goal for saving money (like for a new house or car).