23 Prompts to Start your Journaling Journey

1.What has been my biggest success?

2.What has been my biggest failure?

3.How do I feel when I’m alone? Why?

4.Where do I see myself in six months? Five years?

5.What am I passionate about?

6.What am I afraid of doing?

7.When do I feel the most relaxed?

8.What changes can I make to be the healthiest person I can be?

9.If I could easily switch to a new career, what would it be?

10.What is the most interesting thing about me?

11.What am I going to do this month to get closer to my dreams?

12.What big risk would I take today if I had no fear of the consequences?

13. What is the biggest dream of my life, and what steps can I take to move toward it?

14. How do I know when I’m taking care of my mind, body and soul?

15.What am I struggling to get over?

16.If my life were perfect, what would I look like?

17.What was my most peaceful moment this week?

18.Do I trust my own instincts? Why or why not?

19.What is a secret I have that no one else knows?

20. What surprises me most about the way my life has turned out?

21.What’s the best compliment I’ve ever received?

22.Who do I need to forgive, and why?

23.What do I feel grateful for today?