23 Items for your Family’s Summer Bucket List

Summer is winding down, but there’s still time to make a bunch of active family memories that will last a lifetime, both in everyone’s minds and in benefits for long-term health.

1. Have water balloon fights.

2. Go garage-sale hopping — on bikes or foot!

3. Have a family bowling night.

4. Play life-sized checkers, chess or board games.

5. Go kayaking on our local lakes.

6. Try out pickleball.

7. Train to run a 5K together.

8. Go geocaching.

9. Walk your dog(s) somewhere new.

10. Play tag — try it at night with flashlights.

11. Plant and care for a vegetable garden together.

12. Swim in a pool or play at a splash pad.

13. Detox from technology and spend the extra time exercising.

14. Go on your favorite hike or look for a new one.

15. Walk around a lake and try fishing at different spots.

16. Go camping for at least one night.

17. Teach kids about golf — just don’t use any carts.

18. Resolve family tensions with a blowout pillow fight.

19. Go horseback riding.

20. Have a family hula-hoop contest.

21. Join a community cleanup event.

22. Go roller skating.

23. Have an epic end-of-summer dance party!