21 Summertime Ways to Move More

1.Pull that old bike out of storage, make sure it’s safe to use and try it out in the park.

2.Pick out a bird and follow it as far as you can.

3.Go fly a kite.

4.Push yourself to double the length of your daily run.

5.Deep clean your house and vehicle.

6.Plant a garden if you haven’t already.

7.Set a hiking goal that seems unattainable and see how close you get.

8.Don’t ride a cart on the golf course.

9.Take your child to the playground and run as many laps around it as you can while they’re occupied.

10.Step away from the video games and find a LARPing (live action role play) group.

11.Spend a Saturday shopping neighborhood garage sales on foot.

12.Pick a picnicking spot accessible only by foot.

13. Learn how to kayak or paddleboard.

14. Try your hand (and head) at geocaching.

15.Find someone who’s moving (between homes) and help them.

16.Look for an outdoor circuit training course or create one for yourself.

17.Dive into the biggest pool you can find.

18.Take up rock climbing in a shady spot.

19.Register for a summer sports league.

20. Do 10 pushups or lunges before picking up the phone to look at social media.

21. Stay hydrated and learn about the warning signs of heat-related illness, as a precaution.