2024 Most Popular Rose Colors

by Ken Lain, The Mountain Gardener, Watters Garden Center

Start with a color that tickles your fancy. This one choice narrows the rose field the most. Then let your nose choose your favorite fragrance.

Here are the top choices proven to grow in local landscapes with minimal care.

Bicolor roses. Striped and two-toned roses offer soft blends like Tropical Delight, the reverse pattern on each petal of Parade Day, and exquisite blooms like the picotee Betty Boop and the candy stripes of Scentimental.

Blue roses. Advanced genetic breeding has transferred blue genes from pansies and iris to roses for fragrant introductions. The latest long-stem roses are Barbra Streisand, Blue Girl and Stainless Steel. For shrub and climbing roses — Blue Moon, Love Song and Shocking Blue.

Orange roses. These bring just the right blend of energy and warmth to the summer garden. Enormous oranges on long stems are found on Fragrant Cloud, Good as Gold and Vavoom. Roses that pop include All A Twitter, Gingersnap and Rosie the Riveter.

Pink roses. These range from bubblegum and fuchsia hues to romantic blushes of salmon and mauve. Some of the most fragrant roses are found in pink — Easy to Please, Sexy Rexy and the original Knockout roses are the easiest pinks. The most famous are All My Love, Peach and Perfume Delight.

Purple roses. For bushes covered in repeat blooming dark purple, grow Burgundy Iceberg, Fragrant Plum and Love Song; Ebb Tide, Intrigue and Twilight Zone for deep plummy purples.

Red roses. The best clusters of easy-care reds come from Double Knock Out, Take it Easy and Home Run varieties. Perfect reds with robust aromas are Ink Spot, Mister Lincoln and Veterans Honor.

White roses. Among the hardiest varieties, giant flowers are cut from hybrid John F Kennedy, Pope John Paul and Sugar Moon. Pure white rose with no undertones are Iceberg, Gourmet Popcorn and Pillow Fight.

Rainbow roses. These are created with trickery from professional sprays and dyes that add color uptake through rose stems. Two roses that naturally fade to a different color as the bush matures through the season come to mind. Joseph’s Coat and Piñata are fragrant and bright, requiring no trickery to add beauty to the garden.