20 30-Day Self-Care Challenges

Self-care challenges that ask you to do 30 different things in a month provide a ton of excitement and variety, but sometimes they can feel a little exhausting, plus they don’t encourage the repetition that reinforces new habits.

Try one of these monthly challenges to put yourself on track to one new healthy habit!

1.Pick one thing to donate from your home.

2.Do at least 25 jumping jacks (or build up to 25).

3. Drink eight glasses of water.

4.Watch the sunrise or sunset.

5.Tell a different friend or relative how much they mean to you.

6.Do at least 15 minutes of yoga.

7.Write down negative thoughts, then cross them out.

8.Read a book for 15 minutes before bed.

9.Set and stick to a bedtime.


11.Do random acts of kindness.

12.Eat at least one piece of fruit.

13. Meditate.

14. Go for a bike ride.

15.Give yourself a facial.

16. Spend 15 minutes organizing a room.

17.Give up alcohol.

18.Track your expenses.

19. Listen to a guided relaxation.

20. Exercise outdoors for at least 15 minutes.