16 Ways to Spice up your Daily Walk

It reduces body fat and weight, helps regulate chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, boosts your mood and cognitive skills and dissipates stress in your body and mind.

This most accessible form of workout can get a little too routine, though, especially if you’re taking a similar path every day. Fortunately it’s also extremely adaptable, with the sky pretty much the limit on the directions you can take.

Here are ideas to play with:

  1. Find a new route, either from home or by driving to a different park or neighborhood.
  2. Listen to a different genre of upbeat music or try out a new podcast.
  3. Invite a friend or family member — in person if possible, but talking on the phone works wonders, too!
  4. Bring your dog(s), borrow some from a friend or if you really love canines consider a dog-walking service side hustle.
  5. Take yourself on an in-depth historical tour of downtown Prescott, Chino Valley or climb the hills of Dewey-Humboldt!
  6. Cycle between intervals of slower and brisker walking or try bursts of jogging to see if you might enjoy running (if you don’t already).
  7. Vary the length and intensity of your walks.
  8. Walk to the grocery store, doctor’s office or a friend’s house for lunch.
  9. Dictate an email, memo, essay, novel or other literary work.
  10. Listen to a guided meditation or practice mindfulness on your own.
  11. Train for a charity walk such as a 5K.
  12. Walk on different surfaces — concrete, granite, grass, dirt, sand, treadmills, etc.
  13. Instead of following the same YouTube workout at home, walk to a spot in the park and recreate it there.
  14. Look for malls, gyms or other indoor routes for too cold or too hot weather.
  15. Take up geocaching for extra motivation.
  16. Look up Prancercise!