15 Ways to Keep your Diet Healthy

1. Skip appetizers and dessert while eating at a restaurant — or skip the entrée in favor of an appetizer.

2. Prioritize learning how to prepare healthy meals.

3. Slow down the pace of your eating so you don’t overshoot your brain’s ability to register that you’ve satisfied your hunger.

4. Replace calorie-laden sodas, smoothies, cocktails, beer or wine with water, coffee or tea.

5. Chew your calories rather than relying on smoothies or soup as a full meal; you’ll feel more satisfied and have fewer cravings in the following hours.

6. Don’t force yourself to eat foods you really don’t like just because they’re healthy. Rely on those you enjoy and break the false association between misery and a nutritious diet.

7. Switch to using smaller plates, which makes portion control much easier.

8. Plan and prepare meals ahead of time whenever you can to prevent impulse eating; improvise recipes.

9. Steer away from processed products by choosing whole foods, including whole grains, as the foundation of your meals.

10. Stuff your refrigerator and pantry full of nutritious basics including fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen), eggs, lean meats, nuts, beans and herbs and spices.

11. Make a physical recipe book compiling your favorite healthy meals so you won’t have to do them from memory or search for them on your phone or computer.

12. Indulge yourself sparingly with your less-than-healthy favorite snacks and meals.

13. Plain boiled potatoes are a great choice for promoting satiety with a nutritious, relatively low-calorie food, but use caution if you need to watch your blood sugar levels.

14. If you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, try to work at least one or two plant-based days into your weekly meal plan; this will improve your health as well as the planet’s health.

15. Look for ways to pump up the fiber content of your recipes — add a half-cup of beans or lentils, serve some whole-grain crackers on the side or eat a piece of whole fruit for dessert.